Image and video hosting by TinyPicThe Average Gatsby is a 10 piece Indie Punk Experimental band that started off with a group of friends jamming out at Smitty's.

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This is how happy we are with all the new stuff we’re working on. #TheAverageGatsby is coming.

This is how happy we are with all the new stuff we’re working on. #TheAverageGatsby is coming.

how’s everyone doing?

We have a show on July 16th at

Angelo’s Bar & Grill

135 East 2nd St. Pomona, CA

We will list the set up as soon as it’s set. Come out and support! 

full bar and some sweet soundss.

"Who are the Gatsby’s?" You ask. Well:

This here is the lovely Amanda. She plays the Sax for the band. Next to her is Irik who plays the Trombone. Hiding next to him is Fredo on Trumpet and next to Fredo is Jacob, also on Trombone. He and Irik sometimes pick up the Trumpet to.

Smitty here on keys. Rockin’ out.

Ivan: Guitar and Vocals. Mmmhmm, yup.

Stuart on Percussion, Next to him is Fernando who does Keys as well as Vocals.

Here we have the awesome Isaac. Guitar and Vocals.

Joseph on Percussion as well. He and Stuart switch off sometimes. One does drums, one does percussion.

Last but not least, you see the one next to Ivan? Sir with the Blue Bass? That’s Victor and I’m sure you can guess what he plays.

THERE YOU HAVE IT! That is us, The Average Gatsby.

What’s up, guys! We’re The Average Gatsby. An AWESOME piece band making music for your ears to hear, listen and enjoy. Can you guys do us a HUGE favor?? Reblog this, yea? Tell your friends about the Gatsby’s. We have a bunch of updates in store for the future! Thanks! And while you’re at it, tell us what you think!

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